Friday, March 18, 2011

If I can figure this out!!!

Ok so im only a day or two behind schedule! What busy mom isnt right!!
Thank you for joining me in this new blog and I will be adding some fun things as soon as I transfer photo's to the new lap top! Im kinda laughing right now.. I quess I will have my son help me with some of this because he can have it done in a jiffy rather than me taking an hour or 2 or 3..!
So please hang in there with me I promise I will be a whiz at this in no time at all!!
Chat soon,


  1. Hi saw your Fab coffee table over at Meridian road blog so dropped by for a peek wishing you all the best in your new venture

  2. hey Sabrina - This is Shaun JEan from JAM - I met you at Hobo. JAMMIN Flea Market on May 1st at JAM in Oldie - have a jammin night! Make sure to lIKE our NEW fan page! <3